About Us

Mission Statement

The Latvian Islamic Culture Center Center is an independent organization whose primary goal is the emergence of Muslims identity. Its purpose is to practice and share the values of Islam by providing religious, educational and recreational facilities for members of the public.

The New Masjid Project


The Latvian Masjid Project is in its final stages, and all praise belongs to Allah. However, due to changes in the New Building Regulations imposed on official level, we the Religious Muslim Administration of the community of Latvia must fulfil the prerequisites and conditions in order to operate. Therefore, we are urging our brothers and sisters to help us collect about €30,000 to complete the necessary changes and have the Masjid open for worshippers and social activities as soon as possible. 


We ask Allah to ease our difficulties and facilitate this project of ours to help the Muslim community of Latvia. May Allah accept this work and bless all those who donate.


Alhamdulillah, all praises be to Allah.

We are in the process of completing our new Islamic Centre in Riga, Latvia, and we need your help to reach the finish line.

The new Islamic Centre in Riga, Latvia

The new Islamic Centre will replace our old mosque, which has become too small to house the growing number of Muslims here. It will be a multipurpose centre designed to provide the following facilities:

* A large praying area with proper wudhoo facilities

* Classrooms and education

* Dawah centre

* Charity centre

Please support us for this noble cause

We have put in so much effort, and spent so much time and money (OVER HALF A MILLION EUROS) to complete this project, but we are still short by 30,000 EUR

We need the support from our brothers and sisters in Islam to reach the finishing line. So please support us with your generous donations, and share this page with everyone you know.

Jazakom Allahu khayran